Lake Las Vegas Wine Walk – October 12, 2013

Lake Las Vegas hosts a variety of events throughout the year including outdoor concerts, a winter wonderland complete with a floating ice skating rink and a variety of wine tasting events. Join New Vista on October 12 for the Lake Las Vegas Wine Event. Enjoy up to 20 different wines provided by Southern Wine & Spirits and Lee’s Discount Liquor. The event takes places from 7 pm – 10 pm.

The backdrop for the event is the perfect setting for an evening of wine and cheers. Lake Las Vegas has a gorgeous 320-acre manmade lake, along with hotels and casinos, as well as places to shop and dine. Some of the people who happen to have homes there include Celine Dion, Chris Tucker, and author Terry Goodkind. The area has everything you need to live and have a great time, and it really is a beautiful place. All of these things help to make it perfect for the Las Vegas Wine Walk.

The tickets for the event are $25 when you buy them in advance. You can wait until the day of the event before you purchase them, and you can even purchase them at the registration area. However, you will be paying an extra $5 if you wait to buy them. The event will have a number of different types of wine available – white, red, and sparkling. They generally have quite a few different varieties of wine, so you should be able to find and sample some tasty options. All guests must be 21 years or older to enjoy the festivities.

Make sure you plan ahead and get to the event safely and of course in style. One of the best ways to do this is with a limo from Earth Limos. Earth Limos can take you to and from the event and make sure you get back to your home or hotel safe.


Rock ‘n Roll Wine’s 8th Annual Wine Amplified Festival

wine glass

Are you looking for a cool show in Vegas? If you are going to be in town on September 6th or 7th, then you might want to check out the Rock ‘n Roll Wine’s 8th Annual Wine Amplified Festival. The festival, held at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino on Mandalay Beach, promises to be quite a bit of fun. This is the eighth year they’ve done the festival, and it is always a blast. This year, they have some great musical acts to go along with the wine tasting. That’s right; this is a concert and wine tasting. It does not get much better than that!

The Wine
Your tickets to the festival include the wine tasting. You can taste more than 150 wines that come from 50 different wineries. Of course, you may not want to sample all of the wine, but it might be tempting. You might even find a new favorite wine at the show!

The Bands
Even if you do not drink or do not like wine, you will still enjoy your time at the Rock ‘n Roll Wine’s 8th Annual Wine Amplified Festival. Let’s check out the two groups performing this year.

First, you have Collective Soul, a name that is very likely familiar to you. They have a string of number one hits including “Shine”, which was the song that propelled them to stardom in the early 90s. They’ve continued to tour and make great music, and now they are playing at Rock ‘n Roll Wine’s 8th Annual Wine Amplified Festival for your enjoyment.

Second, you can enjoy the music styling of Gavin DeGraw, who also started in the 90s. He’s been making popular albums ever sense, and you might recognize some of his hit songs including “I Don’t Wanna Be”, and “Not Over You”, which came out in 2011 and hit number one in its genre.

Get to and From the Event in the Best Ride Possible
If you are going to be heading to the Rock ‘n Roll Wine’s 8th Annual Wine Amplified Festival and you aren’t staying at Mandalay Bay, make sure you have a ride back to your hotel or your home. If you want to get somewhere on time and safe, you can rely on Earth Limo’s limo service. You will have courteous service, great cars, and great drivers who will get you to and from the event in style.