Top 3 Wine-Drinking Spots in Las Vegas

Are you craving a great glass of wine? Well, it’s a good thing you are in Las Vegas! Sin City is home to some of the finest bottles of wine from all around the world, which you can easily find at restaurants like these:

Aureoles Four-Story Wine Tower

Aureoles Four-Story Wine Tower – Courtesy of Charlie Palmer Group

Aureole Las Vegas by Charlie Palmer

Aureole doesn’t just serve beautifully delicious cuisine. It also has an exceptional wine list too. A Michelin star rated restaurant, Aureole features a four-story wine tower that boasts of over 10,000 wine bottles. If your bottle is past tippy toe height, Aureole’s wine angels fly up, via harness, to fetch your selection. It’s like being able to have your wine and be treated to an acrobatic show!

The Wine Cellar and Tasting Room

Step inside The Wine Cellar and Tasting Room in Rio Las Vegas and be awed by the amount of wine bottles you’ll see. Showcasing over 10,000 bottles, the fine libations in The Wine Cellar are said to be worth more than $10 million. This includes the extremely rare 1800 Madeira from Thomas Jefferson’s private collection. The Wine Cellar and Tasting Room is the perfect venue to sample cult wines and other wines from various collections. Here you can relax, nibble on exquisite cheese, and just contemplate how beautiful your life is.

The Hostile Grape

While many of the best wine spots may be luxurious and expensive, The Hostile Grape is a perfect mix of reasonable and classy. Its atmosphere is casual and laidback and the wine listing is quite impressive. The Hostile Grape’s wine collection includes bottles from Italy, France, South Africa, Germany and many more countries worldwide. Wine enthusiasts who are just want a taste of everything find the wine dispensing system a great help.

These top wine drinking spots in Las Vegas all open late in the afternoon, so you can start your night early by hopping aboard a limousine from Earth Limos & Buses. While on your way to your destination of choice, you can wet your whistle with a complimentary bottle of wine while cruising down the beautiful Strip towards. Visit to book your Las Vegas wine tour.

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