2014 March Mayhem in Vegas



March is here and that means March Mayhem.  It’s that time of the year where sports fanatics get together for their fix of college basketball, gambling, a few beers and good ol’ fun. If it is your first time to celebrate March Mayhem in Las Vegas, brace yourself. A lot of sports bars, casinos, and hotels offer extra tempting gimmicks and amenities to lure you to their premises. But where should you go? Check out the full lineup of the hottest 2014 March Mayhem parties in Vegas.

The best way to get around Vegas and hit the hottest parties is to rent a limo from Earth Limos and Buses. The professional staff at Earth Limos will get you to and from the parties safely and in style. The parties start in mid-March and run through the final game on April 7. Call today (702) 437-1900 to reserve your limo and enjoy the March Mayhem and it was intended to be! Remember we’re open 24 hours a day to serve you.

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