Red Rock Canyon Tour – Great Places to Visit off the Las Vegas Strip

Red RockVegas is more than just a four mile strip of bustling casinos and world class hotels. Sure, it is the main attraction but there’s more to Vegas than the Las Vegas Strip. When visiting Las Vegas, make sure to venture out and see the natural and more “wholesome” sights.

Red Rock Canyon

Showcasing massive red rock and sandstone formations, the Red Rock Canyon can be seen all the way from the Las Vegas Strip. It was naturally formed over 600 million years ago due to massive rock shifting.

In the late 19th century, the canyon was utilized as sandstone quarry and mining site. But because of its innate beauty and abundance of plant and animal life, all attempts at development and destruction were ceased by the end of World War II. The Red Rock Canyon is now protected by the National Conservation Area of Nevada and the Bureau of Land Management.

Located only 30 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip, the Red Rock Canyon is visited by more than a million people annually. Apart from being mesmerized by the scenic view, guests can hike trails, view wild burros, horses, and many different desert plants too.

Visiting Red Rock Canyon

The best way to venture out to Red Rock Canyon is with a tour guide who knows the area well. Enjoy Red Rock Canyon’s 13-mile scenic loop inside a luxurious and powerfully air-conditioned vehicle from Earth Limos & Buses. Taking a tour with a professional driver allows you time to enjoy the trip and take a photo or two.

The Red Rock Canyon Tour offered by Earth Limos & Buses starts as early as 6 am and can last up to 4 hours. With a 15 minute stop, you and your friends can enjoy a bottle of red wine, white wine or champagne while basking in the natural beauty that is the Red Rock Canyon. Contact Earth Limos today to schedule your Red Rock Canyon Tour.

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