Top Gentlemen’s Clubs in Vegas

When the guys head out to Vegas, someone will inevitably bring up going to a gentlemen’s club. Vegas is a place to indulge in many things, and seeing beautiful women dancing is often one of them. The city really can deliver too. It features a number of excellent strip clubs that combine class and decadence all into the same package. Whether you are heading out for a bachelor party, or you are just hanging out with some friends, you probably need a bit of guidance on which places are the best to visit. Here are a few options to consider.

Spearmint Rhino
Located at 3340 South Highland Drive, the Spearmint Rhino is one of the top clubs in the city. It plays some great music – mostly classic rock – and it doesn’t have the same cramped and dismal feeling that you might get when you go to some of the lesser clubs in the area.

Sapphire Las Vegas
Sapphire is impressive in every way. It is the largest strip club you will find anywhere in Las Vegas, and has more than 70,000 square feet of space. The club even has ten skyboxes with all of the bells and whistles. It’s different from many of the other clubs in the city, and that’s what helps to make it special and propel it to the top of peoples’ lists. Find it at 3025 Industrial Road.

OG Adult Cabaret
OG Adult Cabaret, formerly the Olympic Garden, is another excellent gentlemen’s club. At 1531 Las Vegas Boulevard, the club is the only one that’s right on the strip. It’s a great club and it is nice and easy to reach.

These are three of the many gentlemen’s clubs in Vegas. You should keep in mind that just because they are gentlemen’s clubs doesn’t mean the ladies don’t want to visit them too. On most nights, you can see men in there with wives and girlfriends who think the shows are just as fun and interesting. If you are vacationing with your mate and she brings up the idea, it might be a good time to take her.

If you do decide to head out to the strip club, with your pals or with your lady, make sure that you consider how you will get there and back. You can head out in style when you choose to go with Earth Limos. The service will get you to the club and back to your hotel quickly and safely.


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