Earth Limos Got Motivated with Get Motivated Seminars

Maybe you heard about the innovators and power hitters that the Get Motivated Seminars brought to Las Vegas on January 24th at Thomas & Mack and if you were one of the smart ones, you set aside time to attend the seminar. But, did you know that Earth Limos was selected to provide transportation for the speakers and show creators? Not only were we graced with their powerful messages on stage, as we did attend the seminar, but we also had the pleasure of providing our services to some of these individuals who have made a huge contribution to the world we live in today.

Please allow us to share a few “AH-HA” moments that we got from the incredible day:

1) Howard Putnam, CEO of Soutwest Airlines had this to say, “Turbulence is inevitible and misery is optional”…Business owners and managers should hire attitudes and teach them the necessary skills.  In other words, you can always train an individual on the tasks of the job, but you can’t teach someone to have a great attitude.

2) People spend more money on coffee and drinks than they do on personal growth and education.  Americans need a minimum of 3 sources of income to make it today in this economy.

3) “If you’re irreplacable, you’re unpromotable”~Krish Dhanam  Think about that one! :-)

4) Rudy Giuliani described the value of the single individual is what is beautiful about America, not collective thinking.  He believes that political polls should be banned in this country because of their ability to sway the minds of the voters, thus creating an environment that promotes collective thinking.  Good point, Rudy!

5) Show creator, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, Tamara Lowe, shared some tips on decoding our motivational DNA and she opened our hearts to her children’s charities.  In fact, 100% of her book’s profits are donated to children’s charities across the globe.  You can get Tamara’s book, GET MOTIVATED! and improve your life and the life of a child.  Visit this website for more information:

In summary, it was a motivating and inspiring day for Las Vegas and Earth Limos was so proud to be a part of it.

If you are seeking corporate transportation for your customers, boss, or yourself, please contact Earth Limos & Buses at: (702) 437-1900 and we would be happy to assist you with your needs.

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