Must-Join Festivals: Tater Tots and Beer Festival and Sunset Park’d Food Truck Festival



A busy and energetic city, Vegas always has fun festivals lined up for locals and visitors. This November, two of the must-visit events are the Tater Tots and Beer Festival and the Sunset Park’d Food Truck Festival.


Tater Tots and Beer Festival

Tater tots are the ultimate kid food staple. However, these crispy morsels of goodness are now as mainstream as French fries and potato crisps in several modern restaurants and bars. These tater tots are also tweaked make it more gourmet and visually appetizing. If you are curious as to what an upgraded tater tot tastes like, be a part of the Tater Tots and Beer Festival on November 12, 2016.  You’ll be able to sample delicious tater tot creations that will tickle and satisfy your taste buds. Apart from this, dozens of craft beer selections will also be available for you to enjoy throughout the 3-hour festival.


Sunset Park’d Food Truck Festival

No longer associated with mediocre food and ordinary service, modern food trucks now rival restaurants that serve gourmet food with high standards. This is the very reason why thousands of foodies are gathering at food truck stops for quick and cheap but tasty eats.


If you have yet to experience delicious food truck meals, you should definitely join the Sunset Park’d Food Truck Festival on November 12, 2016 at the Sunset Park. Now on its 3rd year, this highly anticipated festival will round up more than 30 regional and local food trucks to give patrons a wide array of food choices that’ll elicit smiles and spice up the day.

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