20th Big Smoke Las Vegas

For those who enjoy a nice smoke, there’s nothing better than puffing a fine cigar while outsmarting your competitors at the poker table. Las Vegas arguably has some of the most lenient smoking laws, so it’s the perfect place to celebrate fine cigars through the annual Big Smoke event.

Big Smoke is an annual event that unites cigar lovers from all over the world. Now on its 20th year, Big Smoke Las Vegas is set to deliver an even more exciting 3-day program.

  • Big Smoke 2015 will start in style and opulence on Friday November 13, 2015. Here, all Big Smokers will be able to mingle with fellow cigar aficionados while enjoying first-class cigars from over 25 of the world’s top cigar producers. A delicious dinner buffet and an array of wines, beer, and liquor will also be served to satisfy all gathered cigar mavens.
  • On the second day, November 14, 2015, participants will be joining informative seminars with topics on how to manipulate humidity, Cuban cigars, and Fuente Fuente Opus X. Each one will be given a packet containing the three best cigars of 2014. Breaks are allotted within the day to allow smoking of these top-notch cigars. Seated lunch will also be served after the seminar. At night, participants will once again get the chance to sample cigar varieties, excellent buffet food, and premium drinks. Luxurious sports cars, golfing equipment, and other deluxe items will also be on display to entertain participants.
  • November 15, 2015 will be the last day of Big Smoke. The day’s event will start with exquisite breakfast created by Chef Nicole Brisson. This will be followed by seminars on creating your own cigars and bourbon and cigar pairing.

Big Smoke 2015 is truly a one-of-a kind event. If you and your friends enjoy smoking cigars, you should definitely come to Vegas and join. Buy your Big Smoke tickets, book your flights, and reserve your own limousine from Earth Limos and Buses now. With your very own chauffeured limo, you and your friends will be taken straight to the Mirage, Big Smoke 2015’s venue, or your chosen hotel from the airport without any hassle.

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