2nd Annual Las Vegas Burlesque Festival

Welcome to Vegas

Are you ready for some fun this weekend? If so, you must join this year’s Las Vegas Burlesque Festival! The Las Vegas Burlesque Festival is a four-day event that celebrates the burlesque community’s many talents including entertainment, fashion, makeup, and photography.

On the first night of the festival, attendees get to socialize with the different members of burlesque communities during the cocktail hour. After the meet and greet, prepare to be amazed by the performances of more than a dozen local burlesque performers including the talents from Absinthe, Burlesque Roulette, and Nerdlesque to name a few.

Classes and lectures of different burlesque-related topics will be given on the festival’s second and third days. An underground swap meet will also be held followed by the nightly cocktail and live jazz hour.

Of course, the highlights of this iconic Las Vegas Burlesque Festival will be on its last two nights. You and all the festivalgoers get to witness the grandest, dazzling, and most amazing acts of the year.

Attending the Las Vegas Burlesque Festival is a big deal and you certainly don’t want to look like an outsider. So, dress in your best burlesque outfit during the duration of the event.

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